About John Feehan

Image of John Feehan talking in a tentKnown as ‘the Farmer’s Friend’, entomologist John Feehan is a recognised authority on dung beetles in Australia.

John was a member of the CSIRO team tasked with introducing bovine dung beetles into Australia. Dung beetles are nature’s own recycling specialists and make our farming soils more productive and sustainable.

Every day more than half a million tonnes of dung is dropped onto Australian pastures, locking up nutrients and creating a breeding ground for bush flies, buffalo flies and other pests, but beetle colonies are capable of burying cow pads in 24-72 hours.

When the CSIRO project concluded, John’s private organisation (SOILCAM)  is based in Canberra, where he coordinates the largest and most efficient collection and redistribution of dung beetles in the world.

He has been promoting the management of dung beetles for more than 18 years and has redistributed more than 4,500 colonies consisting of 18 different species to date.

As a result of his diligent research and field work over many years, John is now able to supply the species suitable for particular locations to ensure maximum beetle activity through different seasons.

John is committed to educating the community about the importance of the dung beetle and his work has made an outstanding contribution to Australian agriculture.

You can contact John here at this link.